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Brain Rot

  1. Sazilkree

    Not necessarily. A growing phenomenon in our fast paced culture is what has come to be referred to as Brain Rot. In a nutshell, brain rot alludes to a state in which a combination of factors, both physical and psychological, combine in subtle ways to undermine the efficiency of our ability to function and retrieve information from that most powerful of computers - the human brain.
  2. Ganos

    One of the subtle destructive effects on the brain occurs through what has been called free-radical damage. Free radicals aren’t peace loving, anti-war protesters from the s. They’re actually warmongers that attack your brain, and there’s nothing peace loving about them.
  3. Kigar

    Jun 17,  · Wernicke’s encephalopathy causes various symptoms, such as: Confusion Loss of mental activity that can lead to a coma or death Loss of muscle coordination (ataxia) that may lead to a slow or unsteady gait Memory issues.
  4. Mezidal

    Brain Rot? so i got Brain Rot fighting the Drauger (sp?) in Bleak Falls Barrow and i have yet to find a way to cure it anyone found the temples yet so i can cure it? User Info: Ph0en1xFlam3. Ph0en1xFlam3 - 8 years ago. Accepted Answer. Head to Whiterun and look for the temple on your map. Theres an odd shell-like idol on a table on the side of.
  5. Zulugrel

    Jul 10,  · Brain rot is a resulted condition after an overdose of unnecessary and useless information. If you have adopted a way of living which leads your brain to rot then the consequences will be visible in the near future, if they aren’t yet. Expect your behavior and perception to worsen and the overall capacity of your mind to decrease.
  6. Kenos

    One of the reasons that brain activity is so low when watching TV is because you really don’t have to do anything. When you read, for example, you have to mentally create images of what you are reading. This requires significant brainpower to do so. So, the saying ‘TV rots you brain’ has more truth to .
  7. Vudom

    Aug 08,  · MMC - Brain Rot with JC - Duration: Daisyjc Recommended for you. Playing Chrome Dinosaur Game FOR 1 YEAR, But Every Like Makes It .
  8. Shaktizil

    Brain Rot is a contractible disease in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that can be caught from fighting Hagravens or through contact with traps. Effects Damage Magicka: drains 25 points of timesdicalalotisarararesou.coinfoed by: Hagravens, traps.

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