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  1. Akir

    A documentary film exploring the manner in which a determined young man overcame a basic mental defect and became a useful member of society. Insightful editing techniques reveal the dreams, ideals and problems that face a large segment of the American male population. Background music written and performed by the DEVO orchestra/10().
  2. Mikabei

    Apr 26,  · Other names that have been used over the years include mongol, mongoloid, mongolian imbecile, mongoloid idiot, mongoloid deformity, Kalmuck idiocy, Tartar, unfinished child, Langdon-Down syndrome, Down's anomaly, and Down's deformity. All of these names should, in our view, be jettisoned. The least controversial and most appropriate name for.
  3. Zulushura

    Mongoloîd (Stormrage) Gray Parses Only - Human Unholy Death Knight, ilvl.
  4. Fenrill

    Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid And it determined what he could see And he wore a hat And he had a job And he brought home the bacon So that no one knew He was a mongoloid, mongoloid His friends were unaware Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid Nobody even cared Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid One chromosome too many Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid.
  5. Mekazahn

    Mongoloid was a word used for a person in a racial group that includes people from East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Arctic, the Americas, and the Pacific Islands. The word mongoloid was introduced by 18th century ethnologist s to describe Southeast Asia and East Asian part of a three part division of race: Mongoloid, Caucasoid, and Negroid.
  6. Tugis

    Jul 22,  · Using mongol and mongoloid as a term for Down’s syndrome actually dates back to the s, when a doctor called John Langdon Down published a paper, Observations on an Ethnic Classification of Idiots, in which he asserted that it was possible to classify different types of conditions by ethnic characteristics.
  7. Goltigore

    Mongoloid. , adj. and noun, as a racial designation, literally "resembling the Mongols," from Mongol + timesdicalalotisarararesou.coinfoe timesdicalalotisarararesou.coinfo reference to the genetic defect causing mental retardation (mongolism), by , from the typical facial appearance of those who have timesdicalalotisarararesou.coinfo Down's timesdicalalotisarararesou.coinfo people were called Mongolian from
  8. Dulrajas

    The Mongoloid skin has a tendency towards lichenification; they occupy an intermediate position between Caucasoids and Congoids with regards incidence of skin disease.3 Characteristics of skin colour To resolve this conflict it is assumed that as a result of gene flow "nomads developed physically to resemble farmers as Mongoloids.".

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